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Cleaning Tips for Your Ventilator

Posted On: July 23, 2021 by Life Tech in: Cleaning, NIV, Ventilator

When it comes to ventilators, whether it’s a regular ventilator or a non-invasive one such as a CPAP machine, proper cleaning is vital. If you don’t put effort into your cleaning routine, issues such as infections can arise. We’re...
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Tags: Cleaning, CPAP, NIV, Ventilator


How to Clean & Maintain NIV Equipment

Posted On: April 9, 2021 by Life Tech in: Cleaning, NIV, Ventilator

Keeping medical equipment clean is crucial when it comes to avoiding bacteria growth, infections and further illness. It may be tricky trying to figure out exactly how to clean your equipment properly, especially if you’re new to the NIV world....
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Tags: Cleaning, Equipment, Maintenance, NIV, Tubing

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