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Archive - May 2022


What Therapies are Used to Treat Cystic Fibrosis?

Posted On: May 28, 2022 by Life Tech in: Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic Fibrosis is a disorder that is inherited from both parents. This disorder causes great damage to the lungs, digestive system, and other organs. Although Cystic Fibrosis is not curable, there are many treatments and therapies that can reduce your...
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Four Fun and Easy Tips to Teach Proper Hand Hygiene

Posted On: May 14, 2022 by Life Tech in: Handwashing

Today is World Hand Hygiene Day! We want to teach you the importance of why regularly washing your hands with soap and water is one of the best ways to avoid getting sick and removing germs. Germs are easily spread from surfaces and from person-to-person...
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