Why vaccinate? If you are expecting or have recently had a child, you may be asking yourself this question. We’re here to explain just how important these immunizations are for not only your little loved one but for yourself, your family and your community.  

Vaccines Strengthen Your Child’s Immune System  

While babies are born with an immune system that will learn to fight many germs and illnesses, there are some that they simply cannot handle and could lead to death. By getting vaccinated for these diseases as a child, antigens help their body recognize and learn to fight these serious diseases. The antigens used are minimal, especially compared to past vaccines, but they are completely necessary.  

Immunizations Save Lives  

It’s obvious that vaccines are out there to benefit the individual getting them, and while they do that, they also help protect their loved ones. Certain individuals, such as small babies, elderly and those fighting cancer with weakened immune systems, cannot get certain vaccines, so by getting them yourself, you’re protecting them when you’re around them.  

Vaccines Can Save You Money  

If a child isn’t vaccinated and gets a disease, this could cost your pockets a lot of money if they are hospitalized or if they suffer from serious disabilities and require lifelong assistance. One wonderful thing about these vaccines is they are almost always covered through insurance, so the upfront cost is near nothing for you to protect your loved one and save you money and time in the future.  

Vaccines Will Not Increase a Child’s Risk for Autism 

This has been an ongoing myth for many years and it has been proven with scientific research that there is no connection between the two. Consult your doctor with any concerns of side effects and they will be able to talk you through your concerns and shed light on the truth and benefits of the vaccine you’re questioning.  

In honor of National Infant Immunization Week, we hope this article helps educate you about just how important it is to get your child fully vaccinated according to the CDC’s recommended schedule. View the vaccines by age from the CDC below and consult your doctor with any questions. As always, LifeTech is here for you!  

CDC’s Recommended Vaccines By Age