The Trilogy 100 is a portable ventilation system that controls volume and pressure delivery to the patient to provide accurate ventilation. These mobile-friendly machines allow them to participate in activities outside of care centers and homes. Both devices are superior portable ventilation systems but have some notable differences. Continue reading to learn more about these machines individually and their key differences.

Respironics 100

The Trilogy 100 is a portable ventilation system that controls the volume and pressure in the ventilation. It is light, adaptable, and simple to operate. It weighs only 11 pounds and contains easy-to-navigate screens with simple instructions. It is produced for adult and pediatric care and is a great device for home and on-site care. Check out LifeTech to learn additional information about the Triology 100 Ventilator.

EVO Ventilators

Trilogy EVO ventilators are portable and designed with increased durability and enhanced battery life for patients that travel. This device is mobile-friendly. It can be mounted onto a roll stand or wheelchair and includes an easy-to-use carry bag. The EVO ventilator can treat patients in acute care environments, patient homes, and during social activities. It offers easy navigation and a quick setup for prescriptions. Visit LifeTech for more information about all EVO’s features designed to treat a variety of needs.

The Key Differences

Although both products are high-quality mobile ventilation systems, the two have several variations. Both devices are equipped with numerous safety alarm capabilities.

Battery life

The first distinction between the devices is the difference in battery life. EVO has up to 15 hours of battery life compared to Respironics 100’s approximate six-hour battery life. Both are supported with internal and detachable batteries, but Trilogy EVO allows longer mobile use.

Data Storage

Both devices use Bluetooth for sending patient and device data. It is transmitted through the cloud-based tool, Care Orchestrator, and allows for all the information regarding technology, resources, and people to be easily managed for respiratory patients. Wireless connectivity requires a separate data hub that is connected to either device using Bluetooth technology. This service requires adequate cellular service and is available in most areas of the country. Trilogy 100 devices must have a data card inserted for this device to function.

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