Whether you’ve been using a CPAP machine for years and have experienced these problems before or are new to it and want to be prepared, this is the blog for you. We’re going over five of the most common CPAP problems and offering solutions so you can avoid and fix these things. 

1. Problem: Wrong Mask Size or Style 

First time CPAP users often have a hard time figuring out which mask style and size works best  for them. Each person has a different face shape, so what one person uses may not work for  you. 

Solution: Try a couple different mask options and find what fits you the best. Then, be decisive  about which size you go with as that will play a major role in both comfort and effectiveness of  the treatment. CPAP masks are usually adjustable, so talk to your CPAP supplier about how to  properly adjust your mask and they can help you find the best fit. 

2. Problem: Dryness or Stuffy Nose 

A mask that doesn’t fit properly can lead to leakage which can cause other issues such as  dryness or a stuffy nose. 

Solution: First, make sure your mask fits properly and the straps are tightened to prevent  leakage. Many CPAP devices feature a heated humidifier which is great for fixing  this issue. Another solution is to use a nasal saline spray at bedtime to help with the dryness. 

3. Problem: Old or Worn-Down Equipment 

If you’ve been using your CPAP machine for a while and are just now experiencing some issues  or irritation, it may time for new equipment. 

Solution: If the machine itself is working properly, it may be as simple as getting a new  mask. Talk to your CPAP provider to see if you should switch up the style of mask or stick with  what you used before. 

4. Problem: CPAP Compliance 

 At first, getting into the habit of using your CPAP machine every night as frequently as your  doctor recommends seems daunting and can be hard to get used to. 

Solution: Start small and just wear your CPAP mask for shorter periods of time throughout the  day. As you get used to it, start wearing it while you nap or rest, then any time you sleep. It  takes time to get used to it, so don’t give up right away! 

5. Problem: Skin Irritation 

If you’re dealing with skin irritation such as pressure sores or dry eyes, this may also be a result  of your mask not fitting properly.  

Solution: Prevent this from happening by adjusting the straps or getting a different size. Be sure  to tell your doctor immediately if you notice skin deterioration or sores. 


When it comes to using a CPAP machine, time and patience are key. You’ll learn what works for you and what doesn’t, so simply make proper adjustments along the way as you run into small problems. Make sure to check out our online catalog for your CPAP supply needs or contact us with any questions!