Influenza is a frustrating and taxing illness to handle, especially when it’s affecting your little one. Knowing how to care for your child’s breathing while they’re sick is the key, so keep reading to learn more about what you can do for them while they’re not feeling their best. 

Prevention is Key 

If your child is over six months old, make sure they’re staying up to date on the flu vaccine each year. If you want to learn more information about how the flu vaccine works, visit the CDC’s website and stay informed. 

Use a Humidifier Nightly 

Something simple you can do to ease a pediatric patient's influenza symptoms is to use a humidifier in their room. This will provide moisture in the air and helps with their stuffy nose.  

Give Them a Warm Bath 

Another way to ease your child’s congestion is to give them a warm bath. The steam loosens mucus blockage in your face and nose and can also help your immune system fight off viruses better in the future. 

Manage Their Mucus 

Breathing becomes extremely difficult for kids if they have stuffed noses. If the humidifier and warm bath hasn’t done the trick, you can remove the mucus right from their nose with a bulb syringe. Another helpful product is saline nasal spray or saline nasal gel. 

Lots of Fluids and Rest 

You’ve probably heard this trick a million times, but that’s because it works wonders. Give your little one lots of fluids, whether they drink breast milk, formula, water, juice or other options as long as they don’t have caffeine. Allow them to rest as much as possible. 

Gargle Warm Water 

If your child is old enough to know how to gargle, have them gargle warm water to ease their sore throat. There are also sugarless hard candies you can give older children that contain throat lozenges which numbs the throat and eases pain. 

Protecting yourself and your children from illnesses is more important now than ever with COVID-19 going around. Practice good hygiene, follow proper safety guidelines and provide your child’s body with the nutrients to build a good immune system so they can fight off infections like influenza. Contact us for more information on home medical equipment & supplies.