Cough assist can help effectively clear mucus from the lungs. A cough assist machine utilizes a face mask, mouthpiece, or tracheostomy to deliver positive and negative pressure to the airway to act as a cough to clear the lungs. Using your cough assist machine properly is essential in your treatment, so today we will share with you a few tips for using a cough assist machine. Continue reading to find out more!  

1. Gather Your Supplies  

  • The first step when using your cough assist machine is to gather all of your supplies. Be sure that you have a full understanding of the different controls, tubing, and any components that come along with the machine. Your respiratory therapist will go through each part of your machine with you, prior to your first use. Don’t forget to wash your hands before beginning treatment!  

2. Find a Comfortable Place 

  • Before using your cough assist machine, it is important to find a comfortable place and position where you can safely sit down.  

3. Adjust the Settings and Start the Machine  

  • Ensure that the filter, tubing, and mask or trach adapter are connected to the machine and ready to use. Your provider will tell you which settings your body needs, be sure those settings are set on your machine correctly. Then, you can press the power button and begin your treatment.  

4. Follow the Instructions Given to You by Your Provider 

  • It is always important to follow all instructions given to you by your provider to ensure the maximum effectiveness of your cough assist machine. As you start your treatment, you will inhale and the machine will push air into your lungs to help you take a big breath, then as you exhale, the machine will begin to suck the air and mucus out to effectively clear the airway. It is common for individuals to take a few breaths, and then take a short break. Your provider will give you specific directions for how long to use your cough assist machine and when you should take breaks.  

5. Store the Machine in a Safe Place  

  • After you have successfully completed your treatment, you are ready to clean and store the cough assist machine. You will want to thoroughly clean the mask or mouthpiece, and store the cough assist machine in a safe, clean, and dry area so it is ready to use next time! 

Cough assist machines are essential for making your cough more effective in clearing the airway and lungs of any secretions. At LifeTech, we provide reliable cough assist machines to ensure our patients can receive effective treatment. If you have any questions about our cough assist machines or how to use them, please contact our team. We are ready to help you!