With the holiday season approaching, it is time to start thinking about what you are going to get your children. By getting your medically fragile child a gift that can emulate what they are going through, it can lift their spirits knowing that they are not so different after all. Continue reading if you are interested in learning some gifts that you can give your child this holiday season.  

Dolls and Stuffed Animals with Medical Accessories 

Getting your child a doll or stuffed animal that has the same medical accessories that your child uses is a touching gift and is a good way to make them feel as though they are not going through their challenges alone. They will be able to see their accessories on something else so they will be able to learn more about how their accessories are going to help them while being able to see it better. 

Books Featuring Kids Like Them 

Gifting a child a book about kids like them is a good idea, that way they know that there are others out there like them and they are not so different after all. There's a plethora of books out there that encourage them to be nice and respect those who may appear different. There are also a bunch of books that tell the story of those who have several types of abilities and needs.  

Kids will enjoy seeing that there are others out there that are going through the same situation they are. You can also get these books to encourage children to accept those who may have a medical condition.  

Custom Accessories That Show Their Personality 

Carrying around medical supplies does not let their true personality to shine through. There are many different things out there to make their medical equipment personal for them. These items can include getting a fun backpack, fun cover, or handbag for their oxygen tank or getting some fun stickers that they can use if they have a feeding tube. Other accessories out there are IV pole pals which clip onto their IV pole and allow their personality to shine through.  

Clothing to Make Their Everyday Easier and Comfier  

Finding clothing that allows access to your child’s medical equipment and supplies can be challenging. Therefore, gifting clothes that make this easier is a good idea. There are brands out there that are committed to providing stylish and fun medical clothing that focuses on needing to access a g-tube or use a pulse oximeter with socks on. These clothes make life simpler for you as the caregiver as well as your child. 

Toys That Make Medical Needs Fun 

By gifting a child a toy that acts out, talks or shows what they are going through can help them get a better understanding of what is happening. It will allow them to visualize what is happening and can allow them to ask questions if they have any. Also, you can give them toys that doctors typically use, like a stethoscope, to get them more comfortable being around such items.  

Any of these gift ideas are sure to be a touching gift for your child. It will put what they are going into perspective for them and will allow them to better understand it. Make this holiday season one your child will love.