For parents of children who have fought cancer, the dream of returning to a sense of normalcy may have seemed difficult to envision. But once your child has gone through treatment and beaten cancer, you may find returning to “normal” isn’t as easy as it seemed. The transition to life after treatment, while welcome, may not come easy for families. Life Tech specializes in meeting the healthcare of pediatric patients and their families, and we are here to help you transition back to the family life at home you want so much.  

Getting Used to A New Schedule 

Cancer treatment for children can be very regimented for patients and their parents. Your child had regular appointments with their treatment team that was on a regular schedule. For months, it meant you had a set schedule where you were seeing a team of specialists focused on your child’s care. When treatment is over, it may take a while to adjust to not having the proverbial safety net of your child’s medical team. It’s totally normal if this makes you feel anxious. We recommend getting your child into a regular routine schedule, as this will help them (and you) get back into the swing of what life will be like at home.  

Returning To School 

When your child has been away from school for a long time to get cancer treatment, they will likely be eager to return to school to see their friends and teachers. Once their treatment is complete, getting your child back to school will help with returning them to a steady routine. As a parent, you may worry that returning to school may be too much for your child. This is a normal feeling. Make plans with your child’s school and teachers so they’re prepared when your child is able to return to the classroom. It may be beneficial to have your child return to school part-time at first to make sure they’re ready.  

The Fear of Future Cancer 

Going through pediatric cancer is a traumatic experience for any family. It puts your child’s life at risk, turns your schedule upside down, and makes you live in a constant state of dread and fatigue for months on end. Once your child’s cancer has gone into remission, you’ll feel relieved and thankful. But you’ll also live with a fear that cancer will impact your child at some point in the future. A recurrence is possible with any cancer diagnosis, even once your child has gone into remission. But, your child’s doctors will work with you to come up with a plan to monitor your child’s progress after treatment to make sure further treatment is available if necessary. As we said before, the easiest way to assuage these fears is to get your family back into a regular schedule.  

We know you’re focused on your child’s needs at all times when they’re facing a cancer diagnosis. At Life Tech, we are here for your family during and after your child’s treatment. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.